dead_black_eyes (dead_black_eyes) wrote in lucernelogs,

Even In Our Greatest Moments We May Win Or We May Lose

Who: L Lawliet and Ciel Phantomhive
When: Afternoon, October 13
Where: L and Matt's house
Rating: PG-13 for now. Discussions of mature subject matter, so this might raise to R.
Summary: Ciel has been raped twice. The second time he was double-teamed. L chooses his enemies carefully, but his friends even more carefully. He'll try to help without assuming his preferred role of string-puller.
Status: Incomplete

L tended to keep his ear to the ground regarding the goings-on in Lucerne Ridge. The acquisition of information actually made him feel more solid and complete, as if he was a non-corporeal specter when he didn't know what was happening, and an actual, flesh-and-blood person when he was informed. There were people whose doings he paid more attention to than others; Matt, Kiddy, and Ciel were among them, along with, more recently, Beyond Birthday and Mello. He had reasons for wanting to watch each of them, but Ciel, in particular, was one who somewhat puzzled him. He was used to being the role model, the ideal to aspire toward, the ultimatum for brilliant young men and women to shape themselves after, but everything happened from behind a computer screen and a voice filter. He'd never met someone who had decided to admire and shadow him without the shroud of mystery protecting his childish mannerisms and narrow, unimposing frame. His reputation meant nothing to people who hadn't known him, or of him, in his own world, and so his relationship with Ciel was not unwelcome, but... certainly complicated. Certainly not without rough patches.

L had heard whispers of a certain unsavory nature, and requested that Ciel visit him. He waited patiently for the young man's arrival at his home. Concerned for the young man's safety, he had sent a taxi to pick him up and fairly deliver him to L's front doorstep. He wasn't taking chances.

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