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Falling endlessly

Who: Mukuro, Tsuna and Gokudera
When: Sept. 24, a little while before 6
Where: Primary school parking lot
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mukuro doesn't know the meaning of "NO PDA"
Status: Incomplete

Down the rabbit holeCollapse )

Even vampires can have stupid moments.

Who: Eric Northman and OPEN oh my
When: September 24th, around 1 AM.
Where: South western side of the city.
Rating: R, for blood and drama, and maybe violence.
Summary: Eric doesn't take well to the advice Ciel gave him, and instead goes out exploring again. He bumps into the distortion that wracks his mind, and his unbeating heart.
Status: Incomplete || Open.

Father. Brother. Son.Collapse )

If only there could be...

Who: Ciel Phantomhive and L and Matt if he would like to join.
When: Evening of September 20th
Where: L's house
Rating: PG13 or so
Summary: Ciel comes to visit L and hang out for the evening.
Status: Incomplete

Someone to understand me...Collapse )


Who: Aisha ClanClan and OPEN!
When: September 20th, around 4PM
Where: The run down Bus station.
Rating: PG13 for violence
Status: Complete || Open.

Mrooowwww what is thiiiiis?Collapse )

Why is there a child under my bed?

Who:Reno Open
When: September 18th, around 9 PM.
Where: Inside his apartment.
Rating: R, There be violence, terror, and much screaming involved.
Summary: Reno runs into his first Distortion monster.
Status: Incomplete || Open.

How in the world do I manage to get myself into these things?Collapse )

Happy-go-lucky me~

Who: Chico, OPEN
When: September 18th around noon
Where: The streets of Luceren, completely lost.
Rating: Pending.
Summary: Chico, care-free as he is is happily walking around Lucerne looking for his apartment and has gotten himself completely lost.
Status: Incomplete

It's fine that I'm lost!~♥Collapse )
Who: Eric Northman and OPEN!
When: September 15th, around 10 PM.
Where: The run down Bus station.
Rating: PG13 for language.
Summary: Eric is wtfing very calmly all over the place.
Status: Incomplete || Open.

Vad fan är detta... What the fuck is this...Collapse )
Who: Terra [ pants_notdress ] &&. Vanitas [ antiderp ].
When: September 8?
Where: Herp Derp – Terra walking on home from the Fire Station. GOOD DAY’S WORTH OF WORK /o/
Rating: PG13?
Summary: Van wants to troll somebody and Terra just happens to be nearby. Fancy that.
Status: Incomplete || Closed.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dow—/shotCollapse )

Back from work he comes...

Who: Ciel Phantomhive and Zombie!Tsuna  [OPEN]
Where: From the Police station to Hightower apartments
When: September 8, evening time.
What: Ciel is heading home from work, yes in his tiny shorts, and is attacked by Zombie!Tsuna, however, this time he has a weapon!