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I will protect you little one

Who: Hakkai and Chico
When: January 19th (really back logged)
Where: Chico's apartment and then to Hakkai's apartment
Rating: PG 13 for now
Summary: Chico needs someone to take care of him and mother hen Hakkai is on the way!
Status: Incomplete

Drive carefully in the snow, HakuryuuCollapse )

Sometimes when the snow falls...

Who: Ciel Phantomhive and L Lawliet
When: Evening January 15
Where: L's house
Rating: Ummm PG13?
Summary: Despite the monsters lurking about Ciel figures he might as well go say hi to L after getting off of work.
Status: Incomplete
I long to speak to those I have not seen.Collapse )
Who: L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday
When: Evening, November 30
Where: Lucerne Ridge Street
Rating: T for possible angst, stalking
Summary: Beyond Birthday has his own body back, and his favorite subject for fixation happens to be taking one of his customary nighttime walks.
Status: Incomplete

I guess I'm a toy that's been broken, I guess we're just older now.Collapse )
Who: L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday
When: Afternoon, October 20
Where: Near the police station
Rating: PG-13 for angst
Summary: These old rivals actually meet each other. They never have before.

Well, for a lonely soul, you're having such a nice timeCollapse )

When the Pain leads to my Destruction

Who: Gilbert & Vincent Nightray
When: Evening, October 16th
Where: Gilbert's apartment
Rating: T [Massive angst and other such dark things]
Summary: Gilbert has closed himself off this last while and as such, too much time to think. When the Distortion hits this time, it's taken too much and he tries to end his life.
Status: Incomplete

Save me from myself when I cannot..Collapse )
Who: L Lawliet and Ciel Phantomhive
When: Afternoon, October 13
Where: L and Matt's house
Rating: PG-13 for now. Discussions of mature subject matter, so this might raise to R.
Summary: Ciel has been raped twice. The second time he was double-teamed. L chooses his enemies carefully, but his friends even more carefully. He'll try to help without assuming his preferred role of string-puller.
Status: Incomplete

Let these words strengthen all your views, because these words were meant for you.Collapse )

When the moon hits the sky...

Who: Rin and Tsuna
When: October 7th, in the evening.
Where: Orfeo's
Rating: PG?
Summary: Rin meets up with Tsuna to see if he is still a shorty at 24. Also discussing potential employment opportunities and eating delicious food.
Status: Incomplete. Closed, but if you want in, let one of us know.

...Tsuna says ouch?Collapse )

So I heard you got this new hot tub...

Who: Kiddy and L [Closed]
When: October 4th
Where: L's new house

Happy Birthday KiddyCollapse )

Attacking during daylight.... dammit

Who: Eric Northman and... I hope someone else to save him before he lights on fire!
When: At around 3PM on Oct 4th
Where: Just outside of the Forestei apartments
Summary: Eric went to sleep to ground for the day instead of under his bed, mostly out of uncomfortableness with the little rapist child. And a monster decides its time for him to wake up
Status: Incomplete || Open

God dammit I just wanted to sleepCollapse )

I know that face...

Who: Ichigo, Tsuna
When: Sept. 24, at 1:30ish
Where: Between Forseti Apartments and Westin Apartments
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe because Ichigo sometimes has a bad mouth
Summary: Ichigo recognizes Tsuna, though he notices Tsuna's a bit more... conscious
Status: Incomplete

...but not your name. Sorry.Collapse )