dead_black_eyes (dead_black_eyes) wrote in lucernelogs,

A Tell-Tale Sign, You Don't Know Where To Draw the Line

Who: L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday
When: Afternoon, October 20
Where: Near the police station
Rating: PG-13 for angst
Summary: These old rivals actually meet each other. They never have before.

It was L's lunch break. He pulled off his tie and slung his suit jacket over his shoulder, his feet hating the shoes that pinched, his skin hating the fabric that irritated it. It was great to have something to do every day. Fantastic, really. But he often found himself wandering by the police station, wondering if he was doing the right thing by staying away from what he'd done before coming to Lucerne. He was a detective, in his core and his heart of hearts. It was what he'd been trained to do from the tender age of eight, what he excelled at, what he found himself desiring... especially now that he was firmly placed in another career. One that he was good at, but despised.

He paused outside the police station, pulling out a resume he'd typed up. None of his accomplishments meant much in Lucerne. He'd gotten his first job by lying his way through the application, after all, and everyone concerned had completely bought it. If no one could tell the difference... it almost defeated the purpose of lying. L was smart enough to see that. So, this time, his previous job experience was a bit more accurate.

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