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So I Think That if I Were in Your Shoes, I Would Be Kind

Who: L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday
When: Evening, November 30
Where: Lucerne Ridge Street
Rating: T for possible angst, stalking
Summary: Beyond Birthday has his own body back, and his favorite subject for fixation happens to be taking one of his customary nighttime walks.
Status: Incomplete

Try as he might, L couldn't shake his habit of creating routines. He had so many that clung to him, little rituals that brought him stability and comfort in a strange, shifting and frightening world. Now that one of his most prolific demons had made his way here, L was somewhat skittish... but that didn't change the fact that he was compelled to do certain things at the same time every day. This included his nighttime strolls. Free of crowds and loud sounds, it was an ideal time to clear his thoughts.

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