Ciel Phantomhive (whatisnowlost) wrote in lucernelogs,
Ciel Phantomhive

Sometimes when the snow falls...

Who: Ciel Phantomhive and L Lawliet
When: Evening January 15
Where: L's house
Rating: Ummm PG13?
Summary: Despite the monsters lurking about Ciel figures he might as well go say hi to L after getting off of work.
Status: Incomplete

Ciel had just gotten off work no more than 10 minuets before he thought of someone he had not spoken to in quite sometime, Ryuzaki. He had not interacted with Ryuzaki for months, which he had to admit was a bit depressing considering he truly enjoyed the mans intellect, he he found himself wanting to talk to him again. Ciel wondered if Ryuzaki would be home at this time,  having no clue at what times he worked or for that matter if he would be going out to the cafe to eat as he knew the detective did from time to time. After a bit of consideration Ciel figured since he would be moving about in the distortion to get home, he might as well drop by for a visit. It would have been annoying if the man was not home, but at the very least it would be less aggravating knowing he had to fare dangers outside going home anyway.

Once he had made it to the house, a little battered but not in the most dreadful of shapes, he rapped briskly at the door. It was cold outside in the snow, and with the small, now cold, cuts he had acquired getting there he was quite ready to be somewhere warm and out of the elements.

"Ryuzaki, it is Ciel Phantomhive."
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