Cho Hakkai (Cho Gonnou) (cho_youkai) wrote in lucernelogs,
Cho Hakkai (Cho Gonnou)

I will protect you little one

Who: Hakkai and Chico
When: January 19th (really back logged)
Where: Chico's apartment and then to Hakkai's apartment
Rating: PG 13 for now
Summary: Chico needs someone to take care of him and mother hen Hakkai is on the way!
Status: Incomplete

Hakkai put on some warm clothes as he headed outside. Hakuryuu whined a little bit about the snow. “I know little one, but I can’t just leave that defenseless child by himself.”

The little dragon nodded, he too had compassion for children, and transformed into his Jeep form. It took them about ten minutes to get across Lucerne. Once he was there, Hakuryuu transformed back and huddled on Hakkai’s shoulder for warmth.

Hakkai walked up to the apartment door and knocked gently. He was prepared to help little Chico carry out any of his stuff and nag at him if he wasn’t wearing warm clothes.
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