darksided_moon (darksided_moon) wrote in lucernelogs,

I know that face...

Who: Ichigo, Tsuna
When: Sept. 24, at 1:30ish
Where: Between Forseti Apartments and Westin Apartments
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe because Ichigo sometimes has a bad mouth
Summary: Ichigo recognizes Tsuna, though he notices Tsuna's a bit more... conscious
Status: Incomplete

As he shut the door, Ichigo frowned at the weather-worn sign still taped to the front of the Forseti apartments that asked in faded letters to use the other door. He held his Zanpakuto as he made his way to work, not wanting to take any chances after his encounter with the Adlet yesterday. He'd managed to get away with only a few injuries here and there, but he figured they were no excuse to miss work.

He kicked a stray rock on the road, putting all of his frustration into it. It skipped on the dusty concrete surface, twisting and bouncing off towards the street light.
Tags: [character] kurosaki ichigo, [character] sawada tsunayoshi
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