Eric Northman (charmingkrak) wrote in lucernelogs,
Eric Northman

Attacking during daylight.... dammit

Who: Eric Northman and... I hope someone else to save him before he lights on fire!
When: At around 3PM on Oct 4th
Where: Just outside of the Forestei apartments
Summary: Eric went to sleep to ground for the day instead of under his bed, mostly out of uncomfortableness with the little rapist child. And a monster decides its time for him to wake up
Status: Incomplete || Open

Eric felt uncomfortable in the room after a few nights sleep, and although he knew no harm would come to him, teacup humans certainly caused him a bit of ill after a while. This... Chico was ecstatic, but he was weary of him during daylight hours. Who knew if he'd get curious and try to pull the blanket off. It was hard as well to force Reno to stay up all day during Distortion to ensure his safety, and at the same time stay up all night to entertain him and feed him. It had been a long time since he had slept aground too, and he felt comfortable being a few feet beneath the soil instead of under a tarp.

What he hadn't expected was one of the Distortion beasts to pick up his scent beneath the ground. A set of Shadow vines decided that in his sleeping form beneath the soil he'd be the best victim. Choking out loudly he woke in a stir as he felt the vines tangle about his body. His hands clawed for the surface, not thinking about the burning feeling of the sun on his body. He clawed into the soil the best he could, screaming as he hit the surface. The burn on his skin was violent and harsh, and he hissed horribly as he tried to pull himself from the soil.

"Get off!" he screeched, his eyes wincing as he felt the burns of the sunlight. Even though he was ducked beneath the shadow of the building, it still hurt horribly on his skin.

"GET OFF!!!!!"
Tags: [character] eric northman
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