Kiddy Phenil (lovely_cyborg) wrote in lucernelogs,
Kiddy Phenil

So I heard you got this new hot tub...

Who: Kiddy and L [Closed]
When: October 4th
Where: L's new house

Kiddy was walking to L's new house. He had invited her over and she had agreed, mainly because aside from criminals she arrests and that vampire she had to fight, she had been spending most of her time alone. She was feeling a little depressed and even lonely as her birthday had been coming up. She missed Yuki mostly, because Yuki would have been going all out to throw Kiddy a surprise party, whether she wanted it or not.

She stepped up to the door. She had decided to walk instead of take her police car because she was sure L wouldn't appreciate having a cop car outside his house all day. She looked down for a moment. She brought him candy again. She wasn't sure if it was normal to bring a boy candy all the time, but she knew he liked it and wouldn't complain. She knocked on the door as gently as possible, which was still hard enough to make a loud sound, but she was trying not to put dents in his new door.
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