Rin Okumura (okumura_rin) wrote in lucernelogs,
Rin Okumura

When the moon hits the sky...

Who: Rin and Tsuna
When: October 7th, in the evening.
Where: Orfeo's
Rating: PG?
Summary: Rin meets up with Tsuna to see if he is still a shorty at 24. Also discussing potential employment opportunities and eating delicious food.
Status: Incomplete. Closed, but if you want in, let one of us know.

Rin sighed and made sure his shirt was tucked in as he rounded the corner and Orfeo's came into view. He'd spent some of his savings to buy a suit off the clearance rack at the mall, just in case there were any job offers to go along with dinner. It didn't fit quite right, but at least he had managed to get the tie into respectable form before heading out. He tried to think of the job-hunting advice the priests had laughingly given him back when his world was still normal, but though the smiles were easy enough to recall, the words he had never paid attention to were gone.

He sighed. Even if he didn't get a new job out of this, it would be good to see Tsuna again. And he was doubly interested in seeing Tsuna's future-self. He had sounded so cool and self-assured over the radio and, while Tsuna was an awesome friend, those weren't generally traits he associated with the boy. Rin smiled thinking about how someone could get stronger like that. When he got to the restaurant, he checked his reflection in the glass of the window. He figured he could use work, but this would have to do for now. Sighing, he pulled open the door and walked into the smells of olive oil and baking bread.

Tags: [character] okumura rin, [character] sawada tsunayoshi
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