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lucernelogs's Journal

Lucerne Logs
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Return to the town that fed off the darkness of your heart...



One Year Later...

Lucerne Ridge is a town where the guilt, fear, doubt, anger, and regret of the residents have become a sentient presence. Half of the time things seem relatively normal in Lucerne Ridge (if you can ignore the somewhat odd behavior of some of its residents…) but the rest of the time, things are anything but normal.

Every other week, the life drains out of Lucerne Ridge. The negative energies that surround the town take on shapes that respond to the secret transgressions of its residents and unspeakable nightmares walk the town under a shroud of darkness. Residents have named this manifestation “the Distortion.”

The residents that haven't completely lost their self-awareness.

The discovery in an abandoned building of the thing that had been used to separate the town from the normal flow of time and space, the Tesseract, lead to suspicions by some of the more knowledgeable of the ones that had been brought into Lucerne of whose hand might be behind it. Due to the shielding around it, it could not be taken, but the ones who walked out of there to report what they had found swore they had heard haunting, broken, mad laughter as they left.

As well as the vision of a green-clad man with a shadow of horns.

As it turns out, Lucerne Ridge is still a pretty tough place to leave.

The Question is, now that their Enemy has shown his hand, can the Avengers stop this nightmare?